To Such a One

On Sunday, I spent time in prayer for several dear friends in various, serious situations. This poem formed out of those prayers.

Dedicated to Jenny Foster and the Gauley family.

“To Such a One”

You are a white fire blazing,
angry at the wicked ev’ry day.
You are a storm unyielding,
devastating all within your wake.
You are the cosmic architect
building galaxies with a breath.
You are the fount of wisdom
ordaining limits to the depths.
You are the prima artist—
the light your paint, the clouds your clay.
You are the chief musician
singing darkness into day.
You are a judge of fury;
before you none can stand.
You are power unending—
life and death in your hand.
You are, too, the lamb of sacrifice,
mild and meek, my soul to save.
You are the champion of legend
who has snatched me from the grave.
You are the tenderest lover
kissing me with mercy and with grace.
You are the keenest observer
numbering the freckles on my face.
You are a priceless treasure,
a wealth beyond belief.
You are the true inheritance
endowing all I need.
You are the ever faithful friend
I will meet upon the Shore.
You are my home, my groom, my God
for all days, forevermore.
To such a One I can entrust
all matters—flesh and soul;
and not just mine—for He is vast—
but all I love and know.
And not just those within my scope
for that would be too small,
but all mankind throughout all time,
creation—seen and unseen—all.

Melissa A. Keaster