About eleora:

Three seek the stone of power:
One to win her freedom.
One to exact revenge.
And one to seize control of the kingdom.

".. a beautiful book, with lyrical prose, fully realized characters, and a twist that will leave you mulling over the ending well after you finish."
- Stephanie Chou, editor

"... a world as enduring as Narnia or Middle Earth..."
- Talena Winters, author of Finding Heaven

"... a vibrant picture of the greater Story."
-Jennifer Simmans, reader

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Melissa is an author, speaker, God-seeker, and home school mom. She lives in Louisiana with her husband, Brandon, and two red-headed children. She is the author of Eleora, a fantasy novel, and Ten Tools for Inner Healing: A Learner's Guide to Wholeness. Follow her blog to learn more.