Feeling stuck on your healing journey or in your walk with God?

I’ve been there.

I help women connect with Jesus Christ and confront the underlying issues that contribute to chronic illness so they can navigate life
with faith, confidence, and hope.

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I’m a wife, mother, and child of God who has walked through a lifetime of chronic illness. My journey has been punctuated by baby steps forward, major setbacks, miraculous healing, and long seasons of arduous monotony. Although I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been today, I’m not completely well. I may not ever be on this side of heaven, but I never stop expecting God to do something amazing. It took a lot of physical, emotional, and spiritual co-laboring with Christ to get here, and I want to share my experience with you.

My passion is to help women who struggle with chronic illness to increase their intimacy with Jesus, to identify and confront the emotional and spiritual roots that can contribute to illness, to engage in healthy disciplines that will improve their quality of life, and to nurture the relationships most important to them through interpersonal skills training.

If you are a woman who is desperate for deeper intimacy with God but feels trapped by her circumstances and limitations, I want to work with you. I can’t offer you a miracle. Only God gives those. But I can offer truth, ministry, godly counsel, encouragement, mentorship, understanding, training, and some incredible gold standard, U.S. Hemp Authority-certified full-spectrum hemp oil to make life a little easier.

God is committed to completing the good work he’s begun in us. It would be my honor and privilege to play a small role in your story. Come along with me down the road to Jubilee!

“Wholeness isn’t a goal to achieve, but a Person to know.”
Melissa Keaster, Ten Tools for Inner Healing


The road to Jubilee is a journey of transformation.
It doesn’t come easily, but it leads to wholeness in Jesus Christ.
Begin the adventure of your life with one tiny step…


In Ten Tools for Inner Healing: A Learner’s Guide to Wholeness, I present the top ten inner healing tools I use on a daily basis to facilitate my own personal intimacy with God and prayer sessions for others. This quick 20-minute read will help you to jump start your relationship with God and lead you into greater wholeness.

Begin your healing journey, and download my free guide today!

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In need of an experienced trail guide? I offer mentoring, ministry, and training to help you heal and navigate your life and relationships.


route 1: wholeness Mentorship

Need help with clean eating, meal planning, or cooking with food restrictions? Would you like to learn how to muscle test the safety and efficacy of foods, supplements, and household cleaning products or how to “clear” your allergies at home using acupressure and breathing techniques? Do you want to learn more about self-care during illness, daily disciplines, or Bible study? Do you need guidance with pain, sleep, or anxiety management?

My Private Mentorship packages are for the woman who is serious about taking personal responsibility to improve her health, outlook, and relationship with God.

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route 2: Prayer ministry

Sometimes the issues that accompany illness are more spiritual than practical. Wounds, strongholds, and sin keep us from moving forward and connecting with God. If you’ve read Ten Tools for Inner Healing: A Learner’s Guide to Wholeness and need a little guidance using the tools, prayer ministry is the next step.

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route 3: Interpersonal skills training

Chronic illness often reveals the state of our relationships with God, ourselves, and others, and we don’t always like what we see. If you need help understanding who you are, what motivates you, and how best to connect and communicate with the people most important to you, Interpersonal Skills is a life-changing investment. Additional training in developing character and boundaries is also available.

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