In 2004, Superman put a ring on it, and we’ve been happily sassing each other ever since. A few years later, we spawned two awesome gingers who we’re training to take over the world. These are my people.

In 2012, I became allergic to everything (yes, really), which led to a diagnosis of mast cell activation syndrome in 2014. MCAS is incurable, but after several years of living as a masked mom/shut-in, I experienced progressive miraculous healing through prayer ministry. I can now venture into public without a mask—in cold or heat—and eat like a normal person without getting horribly sick or dying of anaphylactic shock. It's nice.

I’ve always loved to write. Writing is how I process, learn, and release. It's also how I party. I wrote my first novel in 2010. It was terrible, and I hope no one ever sees it. But I didn't let that discourage me. When I became very ill in 2012, I wrote prolifically. I regularly journaled and blogged my personal story, and in 2013, I received an idea that would become my first published novel, Eleora.

Two women live inside of me. One is a respectable, mild-mannered music teacher with a sweet smile. The second one scares the first. She has hot pink hair, colorful tattoos, and likes to jump off cliffs for fun. They both like coffee, dark chocolate, and puns.

Jesus is my everything. He’s seen me through some difficult seasons and continues to save me every day. He’s the one thing I can’t do without. In Him, I’ve found hope and joy, regardless of my circumstances, and healing for body, mind, and spirit. My passion is to help others experience what I have in Him.

I tell my story everywhere I go to whoever will listen and love to use speaking engagements as an excuse to travel. As a certified Color Code Interpersonal Skills trainer, I offer personality assessments, workshops, and coaching to help others better understand the driving core motives behind their behaviors and the behaviors of those around them in order to improve their self-awareness and the quality of their relationships.

I also home school my two kids and serve as a local prayer minister and missionary.