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“The way [Melissa writes] makes things much easier to think through and provides a guide for my thoughts.”
~Michele Waters, reader

“…succintly written, easily referenced for repeated use…a pleasurable read.”
~Margie Buford, reader

“I was feeling stuck in my relationship and these tools are hope for me to grow up in intimacy [with God].”
~Jaqueline F. Natal, translator of Dez ferramentas para cura interior

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Three seek the stone of power:
One to win her freedom.
One to exact revenge.
And one to seize control of the kingdom.

Orphaned in childhood, Mara has always done what is necessary to survive—even pledged herself to a sinister spirit named Rivka. When Mara’s sister is struck by a mysterious illness, Rivka offers Mara a choice—watch her sister die, or become a slave in exchange for the medicine needed to save her.

Mara sells herself to Zev, an old friend who shares her sordid history with Rivka. Motivated by revenge and a lust for power, Zev coerces Mara into a life of prostitution and espionage in order to find Eleora, the magical gemstone necklace guarded by the Council of Ambassadors. Trapped in a tangled web of Zev and Rivka’s schemes, Mara’s life becomes a never-ending spiral of seduction and treachery until a kind young healer on the Council unexpectedly offers her freedom. In her new life, Mara finds healing, friendship, and even love but knows she must rid herself of Rivka to be truly free.

Now Mara must choose whether to fulfill her oath and betray her new friends or double-cross Rivka and risk losing her sister forever.


 ".. a beautiful book, with lyrical prose, fully realized characters,
and a twist that will leave you mulling over the ending well after you finish."
- Stephanie Chou, editor

"... a world as enduring as Narnia or Middle Earth..."
- Talena Winters, author of Finding Heaven

"... a vibrant picture of the greater Story."
-Jennifer Simmans, reader