Collected, Random Thoughts of a Sleepy Mom

After I wrote this post, I began to feel ill again in a matter of days. On the bright side, I've been to the doctor, and had extensive blood work done. The only finding was elevated CRP's, which could be explained by the sinus infection I had on the day my blood was drawn. My doctor hasn't said for sure, but it looks like I'll live, people. That is, if I make it through allergy season.

I find lots of sleep, a simple schedule and a healthy diet packed with 10,000 daily IUs of Vitamin D to be the perfect recipe to improving my health. And I have been feeling better.

I'm growing weary of watching television. Maybe this is because I have spent so many weeks with little else to do. I'm finding every show I watch to be boring or offensive. I find myself sitting with Brandon while it's on, but not really watching. The one show I watch alone is on the chopping block.

The sunshine and spring warmth are calling me outdoors. Micah and I have been answering the call with afternoon playtime in a sun ray, including bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and ball games in which Micah rolls the ball down the hill and laughs hysterically as I run after it before it rolls into the street or too deeply in the woods.

Tomorrow, I will enjoy the outdoors by going on a walk by the lake with a friend.

Micah had a haircut on Saturday. Now, he is thoroughly a little boy, and no longer resembles my baby. I keep meaning to take a picture to post. I will soon.

My novel is calling for me now that I feel well enough to think about it. The problem is that sleep, housework, teaching and loving two very lovable men are taking up all of my time right now. I'm hoping this 10-12 hours a night sleep schedule will let up on its own soon. I would love an hour or two a day to write. I need to "correct" my main character, and edit the dialogue. I was reading through my draft the other day, and realized to my horror that all of my characters talk exactly as I do. As my main characters are kids raised in rural North Louisiana, it doesn't work. At all. My other finding is that I like my main character so much that I shy away from telling the truth about her. She is flawed, and I need to let her be that or her story falls flat. Also, I'm getting new ideas all the time, and would love an opportunity to write them out. The only answer is to sleep less which probably isn't likely anytime soon.

On Monday nights, Brandon is late coming home. Last Monday, Micah and I sat down to eat together before Brandon made it home. I reached for Micah's hand, intending to bless the food, but Daisy distracted me. I can't remember what she had in her mouth, but it was something she shouldn't. I yelled at her, and stomped across the room, yanking the forbidden object from her jowls. I sat back down next to Micah, utterly distracted. He looked at me questioningly.

"Jesus? Pray?" he asked, reaching for my hand. My heart did a few somersaults before my lips had time to unleash my huge grin upon him.

"Yes," I said. And I prayed with him. I love that he expects prayer at mealtime.

Micah's bedtime routine is getting his bath, hugging Daddy goodnight, getting his pacifier and "awie" (blanket), and reading a book (or two). Then, I turn off the light, pray for him, and rock and sing to him until he's sleepy. I always sing, "Jesus Loves Me," and maybe a couple of others. The other night, I sang, "There's Something About That Name."As I settled him into his little bed nest of awies, he began singing the name of "Jesus" to a hybrid tune of "Jesus Loves Me" and "There's Something About That Name." My heartbeat provided percussion to his sweet baby song.

I'm learning to spend time with the Lord differently these days. I no longer find it possible to rise at 6:30pm, and I often take a nap while Micah naps, so my time with God has suffered. I decided to observe Lent this year, choosing to give up Facebook. My objective is to use the time I would spend on Facebook in prayer or in the Bible. Some days I'm successful; some days I'm not. I would appreciate your prayers that I would adjust to the demands of my new schedule, prioritizing the Lord within that schedule. I don't know what this will look like in practice, but I'm willing to try something new in spite of my ultra regulated, routine-oriented personality and preferences.

*Yawn* My pillow calls. Goodnight.