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Prayer Ministry

Route 2: Prayer Ministry

My miraculous healing was jump-started by a prayer session in November 2015, and I want to offer the same opportunity to you. Wholeness 201 Prayer Sessions are designed to connect you to Jesus Christ in a powerful way by leading you in forgiveness, repentance, emotional healing, and spiritual deliverance and to equip you to encounter God in your daily prayer life.


If you desire deeper intimacy and communication with God, freedom from strongholds, and healing from the wounds of your past and haven’t been able to figure out how to receive these incredible gifts, prayer ministry is probably the missing link you’ve been searching for.

Prayer sessions are offered face-to-face locally and via Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime. Don’t let distance hold you back from your breakthrough. God is powerful everywhere, even over the internet and telephone!

The prayer sessions I lead are influenced by a variety of ministries and ministry styles, including Personal Prayer Ministry (the ministry that first ministered to me), Shadowboxing, Bear Creek Ranch, Bethel Sozo, Christian Healing Ministries, and Randy Clark of Global Awakening. Since 2016, I’ve ministered in over 100 prayer sessions, using tools I’ve learned from each ministry and my personal prayer time. I have trained and equipped prayer ministers who now serve in their own diverse ministries and have written two training manuals for prayer ministers in addition to Ten Tools for Inner Healing: A Learner’s Guide to Wholeness, which was translated into Portuguese in 2018.

Apply now or contact me for more information.

apply for a session if:

  • You’ve downloaded and read Ten Tools for Inner Healing and have put the tools to work.

  • You hunger for more of God and believe that more exists.

  • You’ve tried everything to break free of the strongholds holding you captive with little or no success.

  • You’re committed to continuing the journey toward wholeness after the session.

  • You’ve already invested in wholeness coaching and want more OR you’re willing to make a donation (of any amount) toward Lazarus Missions, a local mission and outreach that helps single mothers and families transition out of drug addiction and poverty.*


  • Offered via Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime or locally in a private setting.

  • Led by 1 or 2 trained prayer ministers.

  • All information shared in a session is strictly confidential. No records are kept beyond the original application, which will not include any sensitive information.

  • Sessions last an average of 60 minutes. Some sessions will be shorter. Others will be longer. We will try to stick to an hour.

  • You will receive a written or typed record of all the good things that happen 1-2 days following your session.


*If you are unable to donate at this time, don’t let that stop you from seeking ministry. I firmly believe in Christ’s exhortation to freely give as I have freely received. Donations are optional but highly recommended as they give you, the prayer recipient, an opportunity to sow where you have reaped and to give to the Lord in expectation or in gratitude for what he will do or has done for you. I have found that giving benefits the giver far more than the recipient. The suggestion of a donation is for your benefit more than for the benefit of myself or a ministry.



I had the honor of working with Melissa through a prayer session. She showed me love, understanding and grace along with a strength and confidence in the Lord that gave me a sense of security I haven’t felt in a long time. Through the prayer session I was gently guided and quickly reassured through Melissa’s praying that the Lord was with us. I can say confidently that after our session, I slept better then I had in a long time. Additionally, since our session, I have been able to see many positive changes and shifts in my daily life.
Melissa is intuitive and deeply connected with the Lord. Her story brings hope and light to those who may feel the opposite.
I would encourage anyone who is drawn to Melissa to reach out and take the opportunity to work with her!
Her beautiful heart will fill you with hope!
-Michele W.

About Lazarus Missions


Based in northeast Louisiana, Lazarus Missions is an outreach ministry that rescues individuals and families out of poverty and addiction, leads them into freedom and abundance in Jesus Christ, and equips them for local ministry and global missions. Ministers provide resources and ministry as the Holy Spirit leads, especially in the community of Bawcomville, Louisiana. Your donation will fund international mission trips, local outreach efforts, and housing for families in recovery.