The Color Code: Interpersonal Skills Training


Do you struggle to understand your spouse, boss, or best friend? Do you often feel misunderstood? Are your relationships with your children strained? Do you find yourself resenting others for the way they behave?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need interpersonal skills training.

An important aspect of biblical shalom is healthy relationships with others, which don’t come easily in this broken world. As a certified Color Code Interpersonal Skills Trainer, I can help you better understand yourself, others, and the ways you relate to other personalities or “colors”. This training is a life-saver and can positively impact your marriage, friendships, ministry, business, and relationships with your children.

I offer online and in-office workshops for groups and businesses as well as one-on-one and family coaching. Follow-up coaching in boundaries and healthy communication is available upon request. Take the Color Code Personality Assessment today!