Zilis UltraCell

Zilis UltraCell provides full-spectrum hemp-derived homeostasis support. Certification by the U. S. Hemp Authority ensures that Zilis UltraCell Full-spectrum Hemp Oil meets all legal and premier-quality standards. With up to a 94% absorption rate and over 12 hours of bioavailability, Zilis UltraCell has earned its place as America’s #1 CBD brand.

UltraCell is now available in Lemon, Berry, and Raw for customers sensitive to natural flavors and/or stevia. All flavors are pet-friendly. A topical product is also available.

Sensitive to hemp? No worries! Zilis also developed a line of essential boosters to compliment the results you feel with UltraCell. Using The Mimetix™ Formula, Zilis’ ULTRA line of products are hemp free and can be taken as a standalone or as a booster to UltraCell. The boosters offer support for weight loss, sleep, cognition, and homeostasis.


I have been using CBD daily for almost 2 yrs. to decrease inflammation and joint pain. I found that different brands had a variety of effectiveness depending on potency. 250 mg.-1000mg. I found that 500 mg. gives me the best results. Apparently I have some arthritis in my right hand, especially in my middle and 3rd finger joints. I do have chronic pain in this hand and some joint pain of knees and ankles, depends how much I exert myself through a days work. When I describe pain on a 1 to 10 scale it’s usually about a 7 on a daily basis. CBD oils have helped relived this pain to about a 4. [Zilis UltraCell] has greatly improved flexibility and dramatically relieved pain in my right hand within 3-5 days of using it. Pain level “2-3”. I’m able to make a fist with very little pain. Before I could barely bend fingers without pain. Knees and ankles are greatly improved. Rating 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️of 5.
-Jeff E.

“I was surprised at how quickly I could tell a difference! . . . I’ve had a bad knee since high school. I’ve been walking/running, and I ice every evening. But usually in the morning, it’s always a stiff, with that uncomfortable pain. Started [Zilis UltraCell] on Monday, and . . . it’s not so sore today. This has been a soreness I’ve had every morning after a workout since high school.”
-Lauren F.

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